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PostSubject: ALL SFO PLAYERS READ THIS   ALL SFO PLAYERS READ THIS Icon_minitimeWed Dec 19, 2007 4:42 pm

Street Fighter Online Uses Spyware
Online gaming has reached a new low. One site has cheated users and abused it's powers for years. Take a look at the real side of Street Fighter Online the game.

What started as an honest effort of an arcade classic, has become a mockery of video games. In order are a list of atrocities ALL REAL.

1. The game has been sued before. Marvel comics tried to shut the site down due to copyright violations. The owner struck some sort of deal and moved his site deep into the internet. Marvel might be alarmed to find out the site has made millions selling "VIP" status to users. VIP is another word for DONATION which means TAKING MONEY. The site claims it only uses the money for server and website matienance..but how can we trace a million dollars? A person would be a fool to think the man didn't use a few dollars here and there to help himself out. SFO recieves PERSONAL FINANCIAL COMPENSATION any way you look at it. Do the math. The game recieves revenue from VIP members. They claim to have over 100,000 vip members. Well they ask $5 for a donation, and if all those people donated the mimnum amount..that's HALF A MILLION DOLLARS.

Seems to me like SFO makes a lot of financial compensation. keep in mind some people donate $100 dollars and more to SFO to be VIP and Elite VIP. A person would be a fool if they thought SFO didn't create a nice stream of revenue. Nobody knows if SFO makes more money than it spends, but it is for sure SFO SEES THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PASS THROUGH IT'S FINGERTIPS. Don't let them trick you into believeing that the game doesn't make any money. Even if it can' buy him a house, it's a nice peice of money to have as some disposable income. So for a person that makes finiancial gain, shouldn't people be able to express their feelings about the game?

2. The Maker continually plays "favoratism" when it comes to the boards. He frequently allows suposed Moderaters to ban and mistreat players, simply because people were unhappy with an aspect of the game or angry with the staff. SFO can NOT accept negative critisism. Any big corporation, has to deal with negative fan man. You don't think people write to Target and complain about things? The fact is that if you critisize anything the Maker or his Lackeys do, you will be banned on site. Say that you dont like a move he programmed, or a chracter he overpowered..you better not speak up. If you do he might sick 15 YEAR OLD MODERATERS THAT HE GIVES FORUM POWER on you, who will ban your account. He frequently lets TEENAGERS AND CHILDREN have Moderating privleges. It is a known fact that some of the Staff is 15 and under, while a few "top ranking officials" are maybe 18-25 at best, make decisions.

3. The game uses spyware to track it's players. It packages a program called Game Vindicator, claiming that it stops cheating on the game. However Game Vindicator is SPYWARE. To explain, a program that protected the SFO application itself, would detect speed changes, or packet malnipulation going on in the game. However game vindicator "protects" your computer by installing itself to your desktop.Game vindicator then "stops cheating" by reading your C drive. It checks your desktop, Internet Cookies, and various other parts of your computer.


The only kind of programs that can READ WHAT WEBSITES YOU HAVE OPEN and READ YOUR PERSONAL FILES is known as a DATA MINER. It's a traceing program and is somecases, has the appearance of spyware. Spyware and Game Vindicator can both track your internet cookies, and read deep into your System32 to see what types of programs you have and where they are installed on your computer. The website repeated lies about the existance of this.

Actual Quotes:

"No information is ever stored about you or your computer, and no information is ever sent back to the Game Vindicator server:" -

"Game Vindicator will never collect or send your personal or computer information back to it's server." - Game Vindicator Oficial testimony. www.gamevindicator.com

Yes but that doesn't mean it won't READ THE FILES. And you know what? If it READS the files...you know good and well then can track or send whatever information they want about you to the server. This is a internet privacy violation. You can't monitor someones privacy under false pretenses. GAME VINDICATOR IS TRACEING SOFTWARE.

4. SFO cheats its breatheren. MUGEN a popular "fan art" game making tool, uses CUSTOM SPRITES which certain users work hard on, and really make look awesome. SFO stole a Mugen artists fan sprite, and never gave him credit for it. SFO never said that it was really just a mugen game, made differntly. They essentially never gave credit to the people who supported them. SFO repeatedly uses mugen sprites yet will BAN PEOPLE ON SITE if they mention mugen.

Sounds a bit arrogant, even for a jackass. SFO stole backgrounds and music from SNK vs Capcom, Marvel Vs Capcom, and various other games. It parades these aspects around and claims it's the greatest fighting game ever. However, they really simply ripped off other FANS. It's a sad day when even in a fan art community, people will claim something they make as superior. SFO stole VS modes like BRAWL from mugen games. SFO stole animations and sprites from OTHER FANS. They also ripped many OBSCURE CAPCOM GAME BACKGROUNDS. However, the game claims to "owe no-one anything" and makes no excuses or gives credit to anybody but the leader TMyApp. He swears he's god for doing what other people do on a much better level, every day.

SFO hates Mugen. They ban you if you talk about Mugen issues, yet steal sprites from MUGEN ARTISTS. It's a truley sad and low blow, but shows you just how corrupt SFO really is. The creator is an egotistical, arrogant, primate. Fan art was about respect for others modifications and the community as a whole. One man slaps some special colors on some chopped up game sprites, and declares it to be the holiest game in existance.

5. Sometimes you can be banned for outside hate of SFO. People are frequently banned for things they say on unofficial "sister" forum boards, that are directly connected to SFO. People have been banned for talking bad about SFO over other message boards, AIM/MSN conversations, and over private chats while in the SFO game itself. BIG BROTHER = SFO

These truths were told in hopes of helping people. Don't be sucked into the LIE and SHAM that is STREET FIGHTER ONLINE. This message brought to you by gamers for a corruption free society.

6. The Saga of Roll. To say Roll was an important sfo user would be inaccurate, Roll was a hero to many SFO users. She formed relationships with many old generation users, and impacted the community in many good ways. A lot of people liked her. Roll was a person who was good friends with LeftyFB. Tmyapp created the game, however Lefty created the forum.

She became close with LeftyFB, so he decided to make her a mod of the PX forum. Technically it's lefty's forum and he can do whatever he wants. He made her a mod because he felt she was a friend. Now tmyapp is a selfish individual, and he took Roll off the mod board. LeftyFB saw this, and he made Roll a Mod again. Tmyapp got furious and then took Roll off the mod list, and banned her IP.

The reason? TMYAPP DOES NOT WANT GIRLS TO HAVE POWER. TMyApp admited behind closed doors that he doesn't like girls to have power. However the "official" story claims that Roll was not chosen in the correct way. Well guess what...Kid Krazy sh**, was chosen the exact same way as Roll was, by an Admin. If Roll was kicked off the board, KKS should have been too. However Roll was not removed because of improper procedure, she was removed BECAUSE SHE WAS A GIRL!

People that have helped:
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PostSubject: Re: ALL SFO PLAYERS READ THIS   ALL SFO PLAYERS READ THIS Icon_minitimeWed Dec 19, 2007 10:35 pm

lol first of all this is a bunch of bull shizzle lol and i checked my game vindicater 3 times for spyware and what you know its not true so this is just a thing so ppol will stop playing sfo because the maker of this got banned from sfo so hes tryna bring us down lol (us as in sfo) and so this is gay period so ...pcz lol
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PostSubject: Re: ALL SFO PLAYERS READ THIS   ALL SFO PLAYERS READ THIS Icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2009 3:51 am

I would first like to say that, I have been playing SFO for about a year and a half, and I have never had any problems.

The staff are all fairly nice, and people arent aloud to cheat or be rude too much, the mods keep them in line.

As far as TMyApp, he is a cool dude also, and he bears most of the burden himself. (he handles all the emails, and issues people have with their accounts)

To play the game is completely free, and the option to donate is simply to help keep the game running. Never are you asked to give money in order to play, and as fare as the extra moves, if you beat a vip member, you can use the moves for a short amount of time, so its not that one sided.

And the way I feel about the vindicator, its just to monitor your pc to make sure there are not any cheat programs on there, or any running... period.

But SFO is really a gem for Street Fighter fans, and Marvel fans alike. And its 100% free. But I have given a little to help its upkeep, and I dont feel bad about it, because its a game I really enjoy.
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