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PostSubject: ACID IDEAS 101   Sat Dec 01, 2007 7:10 pm

1. keep lvls ??
I think that when you doing a 1 on 1 ( no tag) match and weather you win or lose you should be able to keep your lvl points for the next battle
2.Ryu dragon fist
I think ryu should have a dragon fist similar to kens but a diif color like blue and kens should be red so this would equal out the battle a lil more
3.ken charge haduken
Same thing ken should have a charged hadiken simialr to ryus but a diff color like blue due to the facts ryu's is red and not blue
Spidermans web blast or w.e should make ur lvl go up as a haduken because spider-mans lvl takes to long to go up.
5.spidermans rd.
spider man should get a lvl to rd smilar to this one
and should be confingured the same way as kens ryu's/ akumas etc.
6.Helper colors
ppol should get helper colors but only can get obtained when an elite v.i.p gives one same way you get character colors
7.Game Over screen option
when the game over screen appears it should have a option to ethire go to game lobby or back to main menu instead of automaticly going to lobby
8. 2 player co-op story mode
when in story mode it should be a button the directs you to a lobby for co-op then in there you should see whos in the co-op lobby whos playing the co-op story mode and were they are and what char they use. then when you wanna play with a friend you host up then press play then he shuld be able to join at any time .
9.Ping tag
show ping on every player when they join ur game etc. highlighted in red after name/before vindicated
10.Work out session
like player vs computer or player sparring vs.cmupter. with objectives like hit the stuffed dummy/hit the stick.destroy the barrels (well more judged onphysical moves and less hadukens ) but only can do once a day and this woul decreas haduken abusers. also if you pass you get something special like .
limited color for one char.
helper color
1 rage point.etc. its at random and is based on you overall score
11.More stages
like from mvc2
12.Auto ping detection
like befor you join a game it should show the overall game lobbys ping then a choice to join or leave or w.e
13.Open screen
for elites and vips get a e-mail or w.e to see what next like a show it tells future updates and the next char etc. and we get to play around with the char as a betatest to see it in action but only for a limited time
14.Dream cast support
well in the ...

Supported Platforms and System Requirements:
Windows 9x/ME/2000/NT/XP/3.1/32-bit
Macintosh PowerPC/68k
Sega Dreamcast <<<<***** this should be supported and also the 2 player so on the dreamcasts it should be 2players instead of 1

PC requirements: PIII700MHZ and above, *64 mb of ram, **28.8k modem
*Recommended 128+ mb of ram
**Recomeneded Broadband DSL/Cable
15.auto - updates
well the download able sfo should be installed with auto updates wich detects when updates are avalibe then updates it (force to restart sfo)
16.The kick out effect
the kick out effect from mvc2 should be inthis version well it works when u ethire press hp + start or hk+start and it should take up 1 lvl (weather completed or not) and it should kick you opponet out and froce tag (bring in) his partner to fight ( 10 sec. tag lock)
17.Mystical server
This Server should be open only once a YEAR* yea once a year this server should obtain most (well were they meet up) syops/nwo/elites/etc. and this is our time to fight them etc. (annoynomous players should not be allowed in (cut down on lag)
18.Break ins
The break in effect this should be enabled in story mode it as you playing story mode owneing then a char breaks in such as shoto-ken (white color) then you have to fight him while he has a tlf helper and if you win you get +1 rage if you loses you lose 1 rage but this can be accepted when this occurs
19.White screen of death?
what about if you have color lets say a white ken then your lvl 3 rd should be a white screen instead of black this applys to all chars with color
20.Charcter edits
well for elites or ppol who have more than 1color for a char there should be a menu button thats char edits then there you get to set your char default colors . and like default select button colors

ex.press lp white ken
press hp black ken
press mp blue ken

WELL stages like break the destroy the car knock down all the bricks etc (time limit 60 sec. ) this would not only make sfo more like a offical game then beta and also remind us of the classic sfo's like when ryus head ban was uuhhmmm...I.D.K RED!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: ACID IDEAS 101   Sun Dec 02, 2007 1:11 am

wow long post lol
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PostSubject: Re: ACID IDEAS 101   Sun Dec 02, 2007 8:30 pm

wow you think alot
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PostSubject: Re: ACID IDEAS 101   Tue Dec 04, 2007 11:46 am

spiderman also need to have a web ball that puts people inside of a web
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PostSubject: Re: ACID IDEAS 101   Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:43 pm

yea i agree
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PostSubject: Re: ACID IDEAS 101   Thu Dec 06, 2007 4:16 am

wspider man needs web swiing instead of that gay attack
spider kick he also acn use as a raging demon the attack that venom uses the one with the web throws need to be added also he needs to work on a way to decrease lag rather than add new moves and other stuff air cpombos need to be added and akuma need to have his purple beam down back a s perfect plavce for it

EDIT: just to tell ya there is a reason they wont change ryu punch ken punch are better ryu hadokens are strontger
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PostSubject: Re: ACID IDEAS 101   

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