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 Forum Rules, Read these first before posting

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Forum Rules, Read these first before posting Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules, Read these first before posting   Forum Rules, Read these first before posting Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 5:16 pm

Rules and Regulations are complicated to understand at first, I agree with this. However, with more reviewing over them and questions being asked and answered about the rules, there will be some understanding in the long run. I am well aware that there will be some members who may be interested in writing stories and character biographies, and some members that will join just for the sake of meeting other people.

This is where the rules come in.
Since this is a forum for positive members with positive ideas, I ask that you go by the following:

When it comes to being a member:

1. Be nice to people. If you come here to cause trouble, then this is not the place for you. Those who start trouble will attain a warning for each time he or she does so up to a total of 10 warnings. If attained 10 warnings, then that person will recieve a ban from the site depending on which set of crimes they have committed. If committed Zero Tolerance crimes for most warnings, then it is a straight IP address ban.

Examples of Troublemaking

Note: Examples 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are Zero Tolerance Examples of trouble making. These examples will be repeated in case if missed for the first time.

1. Flaming (Usage of cusswords and/or inappropriate dialogue)
2. Link posting to adult sites (Sites that involve any pornographic material, dating, or gossip)
3. Condescending (This occurs when a member acts as if he or she is better than one another)
4. Swearing (to use profane oaths or language)
5. Censor Bypassing (Using replacement letters and/or symbols while posting in order for any censored word to be shown in the open)
6. Stereotyping (Making false accusations about one person depending on nationality, culture, or gender.)
7. Spamming (Posting pointless chatter over the forum where unnecessary)
Exception: The Attack of the Spam Subforum within the Casual Chat home forum.

This isn't the end of the examples within the category. There will be more posted when the time comes.

The Repeated Rules

2. DO NOT Spam.
Here are some examples of spam:
- Double Posting. (NOTE: There are exceptions to this. You can double post in the forums under the category of "In The Making". No other forums will allow this to happen.)
- Posting more than once on certain pages. (There will be forums that pertain to this rule, so keep on a look out for these.)
- Making posts with less than 5 words
- Flaming as a whole (This involves cusswords, insults, all capital letters, and condescending.
- Making one word posts with asterisks, or just one word posts at all.
There may be more examples in the future...
3. DO NOT Join forums just for the sake of trying to chat with people for dating advice, adult conversations, or just unnecessary chat at all.
(Note: Although the forum chat feature has yet to come around, Admins and MOD's do have their limits. Also DO NOT give out your name, phone number, password or anyother personal information at all in the open. Not even for PM's. Two of the same account will result with 5 permanent warnings)
4. You must post at least 10 times on order to become an official member. Those who do not post up to at least ten times or more. won't recieve as much recognition as he or she deserves. This is a good area for you to meet up with those who wish to become positive and learn new things. In time those members who first started here will be able to teach the future newcomers new things as well. Those who attain a post count of 500 will be able to make requests of the following:
- Sigs and Avatars (There is currently one admin who is capable of doing this, but even he is busy at times)
- New Skins (Something I am still working on, but don't worry. I won't let you down with the updates.)
- Special Clan Domains (If you host a clan of your own, you can request a domain to be made for you within this site. Just make sure that it is occupied often)

More requests have yet to be thought of, so keep an eye out. This post will be updated.
5. There will be NO bypassing of censorship whatsoever! Censorship is for the sake of protection and I for one like to protect others from insulting means of profane language. (Note: this will go under the means of replacement letters, adding letters, symbols, and so on. Profane words are replaced by asterisks and /or and are not to be said in this rule post.) Those who censor bypass will recieve permanent warnings from doing so. There is no need to use cuss words to get your point accross to anyone in this site. Ever.
6. There will be NO condescendence! Even if you are playing around.
(Note: This is NO competition to act as if you are better than someone. All members are the same here and I do mean all members. Admin, MOD, or regular member it doesn't matter.) Not even administrators are allowed to do so. If this happens then let me know, and he or she who happens to be the admin comitting the crime will have their priveleges taken from them and not to be used again for a week.
7. There will be NO stereotyping! No posts regarding stereotyping will be allowed at any means at all. (Note: This means you cannot judge anyone by their religion, their skin color, gender, interests, racial background. DO NOT judge them by anything. Again, everyone here is the same. One more thing, DO NOT post any threatening PM's to anyone.
(This pertains to members other than admins: If this happens at all, please be sure to quote this PM to us and there we will have evidence pertaining to the culprit and there he or she will attain a straight IP ban)
8. Refrain from posting anything regarding religion. This tends to start probles which may evolve into even greater uprisings. Note: This rule is also repeated in case you missed it for the first time.
9. If you post avatars and signature portraits, pictures, etc., I ask you to make them reasonable regarding the rules I mentioned. Just so that I don't repeat myself, all of the rules I stated before go for everything. Make your sigs around the pixels no bigger than 450x125. Avatars should be no bigger than 100X100.
10. Multiple languages are okay as long as they are translated on request into a language that can be understood. Boards in other languages will have their own designated space. Otherwise, please post in ENGLISH in the general board areas.. If I find non-english posts in a place that has not been clearly specified as a multi-lingual board area, I will remove your post. This may or may not receive a PM.
11. A an area has been made for guests that don't feel like registering, but wish to know about the forum. I will answer any question that relates to this site. NOTE: This is the only place where guests can post. Anyone who knows the forum well can post answers to the guest's questions.
12. In order for you to post within the other forums, you must be a registered member. In other words, guest don't get to do much except visit and leave.
13. Last but not least, Abusive users will either recieve warnings or BAN's without notice.
14. Forums that have no occupation within the month they are created will be gone within the next. In other words, forums that have nothing to do with the main idea of the site will be eliminated since they have not been occupied within the long periods of time, for they are wasting space. That is all, and no this is not open for discussion.

I appreciate your concern for taking your time for reading these rules. If there are any questions or other concerns regarding these rules you can either PM me or add me to your msn for chatting there. I am willing to support those who need assistance. I will do the best I can.

Have fun and stay out of trouble. o Yea

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Forum Rules, Read these first before posting Bisonc10
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Forum Rules, Read these first before posting
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